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Vapowire Certified Activity Trackers

At VaporWire we are constantly assessing gadgets. We are searching for the most reliable, durable, accurate, and fun to use movement and bio-metric tracking devices. So far we have come across two that are exceptional. They are both from Fitbit. We are proud to have integrated our technology to seamlessly work with the Ultra, the One, and the Zip. Check 'em out!

Zip Ultra Here is why we love the FitBit One:
  1. Wirelessly synch your movement related data via bluetooth connection on your smart phone, or via the base station charger
  2. Has a bright LED display that is easy to read in the dark
  3. Tracks number of steps taken
  4. Tracks calories burned
  5. Tracks minutes spent being active
  6. Tracks flights of stairs climbed
  7. Tracks distance traveled
  8. Charge may last up to a week (depending on how often you press the button)
Generally speaking the One is not as physically as tough as the Zip but is more feature rich. If you are doing lots of hills and steps you'll definately want the One, but make sure to keep it dry!
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Zip Ultra Here is why we love the FitBit Zip:
  1. You never have to charge this little bugger (it has a watch battery that lasts 6 months)
  2. Completely sweat proof (the One and the Ultra aren't)
  3. More tolerant of moisture and water than the Ultra
  4. Tracks number of steps taken
  5. Tracks calories burned
  6. Tracks distance traveled
The Zip is tough and durable. It does not do as much cool stuff as the Ultra, but if you are just getting started with a pedometer and want to spend a little less this guy is the ticket!
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