Becoming a Wellness Warrior© - Brady Anderson, CEO

There are so many things working against our health today. Food is getting more and more unhealthy, time is getting more and more precious, and the demand on our healthcare system is growing by the second. When we roll all these things into one ball we get our present day situation. Sky high healthcare costs, obesity rates at double digit growth over the past 30 years, diabetes at record levels, heart disease at record levels, and the list goes on. The bottom line is that 80% of the cost of our health care is a direct result of the choices we make - this means our cost of healthcare isn't getting any better, and it's own our damn fault.

When it comes to living well and being healthy there is one thing we need to remember to do really really well. One thing above all others. The one thing we must do to become part of the solution versus part of the problem is to live ACTIVE lives. If we choose to be an active population versus a sedentary one we are making the choice to reverse the trend of chronic conditions in our lives and the lives of those around us. We are choosing to take the battle of rising healthcare costs head-on. We are choosing to not let ourselves be defined by others. We are unique, we do things our own way. We are becoming Wellness Warriors©.

Nothing annoys me more than the fact that I have to pay the same health insurance rates as others making risky health decisions and choosing to perpetuate those choices. I'm not just another member of the population - especially that population. I'm the one who is doing something about my double digit rise in insurance premiums annually. I'm the one who is paving the way to lowering the demand on our healthcare system. I'm the one walking during lunch. I'm the one bouncing on the trampoline with my son. I am the one who mows my lawn constantly. I am always moving. I am a Wellness Warrior. is so much more than just a website to inspire us to be active. When you are joining you are becoming part of a movement, the movement to reverse the trend of rising healthcare costs. We want you to live active on your terms, and we want you to be both inspired and rewarded for doing so.

It's time those of us who are committed to living well and battling the high cost of healthcare join together and win this battle. Move about, create wellness, and feel rewarded. Join the movement today! Become a Wellness Warrior©.