Wire into your body's information. We'll connect you with your fat burnin' fit making information...literally. No more pesky logging, we do it all for you. Connecting you with best in class information collecting devices, and engaging you in activity that you enjoy!

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Who is VaporWire for?

For Individuals

We leverage the best in class pedometers, heart rate monitors, and other devices to capture your health info. You never have to manually log anything. We've created a new way to stay fit, in a way that is inspiring and personal!

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For Healthcare Providers

Unlock the potential of your sage wisdom by sharing it with your loyal customers. We rely on your input to live well. Share the info, create wellness, inspire rewards, and get undying loyalty and admiration.

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For Employers

VaporWire.net makes enagaging in health so much fun for our employees that we can actually prove reduction in health care costs. Just ask - we got the charts to back it up!

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For Fitness Providers

Drop those pesky clipboards! Lets get that hard earned sweat equity of our wellness into the hands of your customers. Give us your pedometry, telemetry, and heart-rate-emetry. We'll dish out the rewards to you and your clients!

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VaporWire Rewards

VaporWire connects our people with other people, companies, and health support providers that care about your health. People that care about your health do so for a variety of reasons. However, no matter what the reason support comes in the forms of rewards. It may be an insurance credit, a gift card, a day of paid time off, or a discount at your favorite store. Each VaporWire user has access to their own personalized rewards catalog. Do healthy things, get stuff. It's that easy!

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