Take a few minutes to create your account, orient yourself to VaporWire, and select the devices which you would like to use to track your body’s information. If you are just getting started with a fitness program we recommend the FitBit - It's perfect in every way! Try Fitbit now.

As you move around throughout the course of the day your body generates data. Instead of your data evaporating, we’ll capture it. Use your device(s), VaporWire will capture the data and log it on your behalf. By the way – we take data security very seriously – so no need to fret, you’re safe with us.

Being well is worth it! We’ll use your data to tell you the great things you are doing and give you sweat equity. Good news is that you can cash in your sweat equity for tangible rewards you can use. Do you like tunes – Got ‘em, books - Yep, Movies – Word.


VaporWire for You

The VaporWire website collects information about your body and how it functions. We are able to do this without you ever having to manually log a single thing. We leverage a set of devices such as pedometers, and heart rate monitors (to name a few) to stop this information from evaporating. We choose devices that do not get in the way of life (i.e. they are NOT a pain in the rear). This information then transfers to our system where a whole lot of analysis happens. After the data is thoroughly crunched we’ll give it back to you. The information comes in the forms of points, rewards, encouragement, and overall a lot of fun. If you can bear to add just a smidge more fun in your life we think you’ll like what happens with YOUR body’s information and the satisfaction you’ll get by engaging in your wellness. Check it out!


VaporWire for Employers

Hi Employers! We all know your most valuable asset – your people. It’s high time we show them how much they mean to us, and allow them to help engage in managing their healthcare costs. Your folks no longer want a one size fits all approach to healthcare. Lets personalize it! Become an active part in sponsoring your employees wellness by offering them incentives and rewards for living healthy lives. We’ll provide validated activity information (in the form of points) to your folks, and they can choose how to redeem those points – insurance discounts, days of PTO, or whatever you wish to reward your prized assets with for living well. When we empower employees with choices about healthcare research finds morale rises and absenteeism falls right along with health care costs (just ask us – we have LOTS of charts to show it!).